Innovations in Early Childhood Education, Inc. offers support for:

  • Understanding child development, connecting theory to practice.
  • Administering early childhood programs that mirror up-to-date best practices.
  • Implementing effective classroom teaching strategies to support children during the early childhood period of development.
  • Addressing normal and challenging behaviors that arise.
  • Supporting developmental and educational challenges of children who have experienced trauma or upheaval, especially children from military families and adoptive families.
  • Developing and editing resources for your program training needs.
  • Developing and implementing inclusive, anti-bias teaching strategies in early childhood settings.
  • Collaborating with teachers, parents, and families to explore ways to welcome and support all families and all children.
  • Supporting emotional and social development by bringing together the latest in early childhood teaching strategies and strategies for collaborating with families about concerns or issues. 

Innovations in Early Childhood Education, Inc. can provide in person, online, and remote consultation for problem-solving dilemmas and challenges common to a wide variety of early childhood and family settings.