Partnering with Your Child's Teachers 

As parents, you have the greatest influence in your child’s life.  You also have a major part in determining how satisfied and happy your child is at school.  Sometimes, school can be a source of anxiety for parents, particularly in the beginning.  Almost every difficulty faced at school can be worked through using positive, two-way communication.  

Teachers need to keep lots of information ready to provide what your child needs.  Information is easily lost if parents and teachers depend just on their memories and their verbal interactions.  Using a written system helps everyone keep up with information that needs to be exchanged and serves as a documentation of the progress of communicating. 

Record important information about your child’s time at home that might be helpful to the teacher.  This includes how long they slept, when he or she last ate, information about elimination, and any special instructions for the teacher. 

Likewise, parents need to know information about what happens each day at school.  Your child’s activities (eating, sleeping, diaper changes, and so on) will be recorded.  Use the Communication Log to help you get a feel for how the day with your child went.  When you enter the classroom, reunite with your child, read the Communication Log, and then ask any questions you may have. 

Whenever you have a concern, talk with your child’s teacher.  Don’t wait until your concern escalates.  Your child’s well-being in everyone’s concern.

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