Getting Involved with Your Child's Education 

More than any other factor parent involvement influences children’s success.  Parents can start early with being present in their child’s school during functions and conferences.  Also, very simple involvement such as collecting items for the classroom is important because it shows support for the school and the complex work teachers do.

Become partners with your child’s teacher.  Talk about concerns or issues before little concerns become big problems.

Ask for reference material and share the ideas you find with your child’s teacher.  When the parent teacher relationship works, the teacher-child relationship works too.

Part of being involved is exchanging information with your child’s teacher at the beginning or end of the day.  Adding information to a Communication Log will take care of this.

Look around the room on a regular basis to see the documentation your teacher has prepared to share with you concerning your child’s experiences.  Look for lesson plans, photographs, developmental banners, and work samples.

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